Sunday, November 3, 2013


I have to share with you work I am doing with a committee of the Tyler History Center and Grow Youngstown, the Mahoning Valley's community supported agriculture entity.  I will post after this about a second committee I am on - both leading up to stellar food events with the goal of beginning to make Youngstown a sought-after tourist destination for the wonderful ethnic food we have available to us through our restaurants and places of worship.

Memorial Meals of the Mahoning Valley:  Homes and Restaurants, will take place on April 27, 2014, at the Tyler History Center . This event will feature classic foods from the greater Youngstown-Warren area such as Brier Hill pizza, pirogi, kosher corned beef, Italian, greens, and perhaps even Strouss' malted's!.  The committee hopes to gather a number of restaurants to provide samples for the event attendees, so no doubt some of your favorite restaurants will be featured.

The committee is also seeking photographs from family collections of memorable meals in their homes . These photographs should be accompanied by a short paragraph describing the the special occasion shown in the photograph.  Additionally, a recipe for one of the dishes shown in the photograph should be included. 

These should be sent via email to .  These photographs, recipes, and narratives will be used the evening of the event as well as on WKBN's morning show.  They will be collated into a digital cookbook , which will be available for purchase that evening. 

My fellow committee members and I believe that Youngstown the best-kept secret in northeastern Ohio , as far as amazing ethnic food goes.  Please mark your calendars now and support this event to bring Youngstown closer to being a food destination.

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