Sunday, November 3, 2013


I promised you a second post about another committee that I'm working with. You'll remember that last February I posted about the first Cookie Table event held at the Tyler History Center.

That event was such a success that we've decided to do it again this year. For those of you who might not have attended, let me tell you It was like the best ethnic wedding you've ever been to --but no one has to get married!

Again, this year, there will be competitions for professional as well as amateur bakers for the best cookies.  Attendees will be able to pick and choose the cookies they want to sample and even purchase some to take home.

This event will be held on February 8, 2014.   It will be a wonderful event to take your sweetie to, just before Valentine's Day.

Stay tuned and I'll be bringing you up to date as to how the event is progressing.

To quote Dr. Sheldon Cooper of televisions Big Bang Theory, " interesting factoid:"  Did you know that  people outside of the Youngstown -Pittsburgh area have never heard of the cookie table at weddings ?

It is believed that the tradition began here in Youngstown (or Pittsburgh) in the late 1800s when immigrant families did not have enough money for a wedding cake. Guests would arrive at the reception with cookies and place them on a table as a gift for the bride and groom.  The practice became so established that is hard to imagine attending a wedding in our area without a cookie table.

Because it is unclear whether the practice began in Pittsburgh or Youngstown, the committee is investigating the possibility of having two separate cookie table events, on the same night, one in Youngstown and one in Pittsburgh .  We envision having a video link between the two events so that Youngstown in Pittsburgh can celebrate this tradition together! Hopefully, this will take place in 2015.

Stay tuned for exciting developments about this future event.

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