Sunday, December 13, 2015


Well, I am just back from an 11 day cruise on the Equinox of Celebrity Cruises of the Western Caribbean!  Needless to say of all the excursions we took, I had to take a cooking class in Cozumel, Mexico.

It was a far cry from the usual Eastern European foods that I blog about but just as delicious in different ways.  Our menu was:

Appetizer:  Masa pancake with shrimp in tomato/tamarind sauce.
Main Course:  Pan seared grouper with sautéed vegetables & tequila
Dessert:  Fried plantains with chocolate sauce

I will be posting the recipes as soon as I unpack.  Our chef was a Ricky Ricardo (for those of you old enough to remember who he was! Hint:  He was Lucy's husband.) look alike and he was just as happy! He made the class entertaining as well as delicious.  I learned a few kitchen tips from him too which I am sure I will remember - - once I get all those magaritas out of my bloodstream!

There is also exciting news on the employment scene - - I think.  More about that once it is confirmed tomorrow.

So muchachos, until tomorrow! (I may have the recipes by then! LOL!)

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